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Cheap Digital Marketing Expert

By Guy Hudson

10 step digital marketing plan to get more customers for your business for less than £100 a month


Digital Marketing is crucial for small businesses in the modern world. It can be hard to stay competitive if you are in an industry where some competitors are global brands with millions of pounds to spend; however being a small business can actually help you in the world of digital marketing.  


The internet moves at lightning speeds. What works today may not be as successful tomorrow. It only takes one algorithm change or a useless campaign for these big global brands to lose millions in marketing cost. 


As a small business you actually can have the upper hand when it comes to digital marketing; big businesses often have meeting after meeting just trying to decide the colour code of an advert or the ‘tone of voice’ they want to display. 


Before the big brands have even made a draft for their digital marketing campaign, you have the ability to get yours live, generate more customers and scale your digital marketing efforts. 


It is important as a small business you choose your battles wisely, not only do you have the marketing budget as the big companies but you also don’t have time.Don’t be tricked into spending £1000’s on digital marketing until you have tried the cost-effective methods and create a marketing system. 


In this short blog I will showcase the 10 of the most successful digital marketing strategies that are cheap, easy & not time consuming for small businesses. All 10 of these strategies have the same goal – get more customers for your business. This is a system I have used to grow 100’s of businesses in the United Kingdom; local hairdressers, accountants, law firms, gyms, architects & many more have all grown their business via this system.  


Below are the 10 strategies this eBook is going to focus on; Each strategy helps the others, these are not individual marketing campaigns (that is how money is wasted). This is a proven digital marketing system which can get you more customers for less than £100 pound a month. 





10 Digital Marketing Strategies mentioned: 


Google Business 


Local SEO 


Create a web page for all services/products you offer 


Build Backlinks 


Facebook Remarketing Pixel 


Facebook Postcode Targeting 


Create a lead magnet 


Offer flexible pricing options 


Referral Program 


Email Marketing

Google My Business 


The most underused digital marketing strategy by small businesses across the world is Google My Business. A fully optimised Google My Business listing allows you to appear at the top of the search engine results for keywords relevant to your business and the services you offer. This can save you hours of time trying to improve your on-site SEO and £1000’s in potential Ad campaigns. 


What is Google My Business 


Directly from Google – “Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. If you verify and edit your business information, you can both help customers find your business and tell them your story.”


A basic way to demonstrate how a listing appears is to type in a local business near you and you will often see a box on the right hand side of the search like so. 


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How does it help your business 


Now the individual listing that appears for your brand name may have some benefits such as allowing customers to call you, view your website, get directions etc. There is actually a much bigger benefit though. This Google My Business listing now allows you to appear in the map pack for relevant keywords. 


akjC4zJqlHchdo1EcqrWxzRABKgKpnpZeRMsKBzCntGiu iBtMrgOD4m gKTfH2ZrJ6iXmStseL0wnRPitH0W8tN HRgfSq6 EJYoDwv5u3c Wr2dkLE3vv7onpLZlZ7NTRmAkZt


I’ve made a search for accountants Nottingham and this is the most premondiant view of the search engine results. Once you set up your Google My Business with its description, service areas you cover and your contact information you can start to rank in the map pack. This will be a free lead generation strategy for your business. 


How do you get started 


Visit from there it is a very simple set up; where you will have to input basic information about your business. 


To verify the listing so you can access all the features Google will send a postcard to an address. Once this arrives you can verify the listing and be able to access all the features. Under insights you will be able to find out how many people have; viewed, clicked on & interacted with your Google My Business profile. 




Time each month – 2-8 hours 


Cost – Free 



Local SEO 




Google My Business will give you some visibility in your local area; however it is important that your website does as well. The way we get more local traffic to your website is via local SEO. 


What is Local SEO


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of growing the quality & quantity of traffic to your website. In layman’s terms this is the process of ensuring that your website is shown in the search engines when people type in searches relevant to your business. In an ideal world if you sold “dog beds” you’d want to appear first in every search someone made related to “dog beds”, this is however very unlikely and will take a lot of your time if you are a small business.  


By local SEO all we are talking about is targeting specific locations that you offer your products & services, leading with the “dog beds” example. If you are based in Watford, you would now try to target “Dog Beds Watford” this small change not only gives you a better chance of ranking but also is a simple way to get more customers in your target area. 


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How does Local SEO help your business


Quite simply when you start ranking for keywords in your local area. You will start to get more traffic which means more chance of conversions. This is a way of getting potential customers in your target area for free. There is no guarantee that it will work straight away and it can be a long process but trust the process. It is worth putting the work into local SEO to eventually rank in your target areas. 


How do you get started 


I will try to break down keyword research into simple steps and offer a free version of a software I use called Ubersuggest. 


Step 1 – List all the services/products you want to rank for


Step 2 – Type these keywords into Ubersuggest, look at search volume & judge how hard they will be to rank for judging by competition (If an educational website/Government website take the top spot it will be very hard to outrank them) 


ZmL9JSLplcKNXlTQb6ofzA  yV83W1wmdi  aX7xTKigTwwbGjcUhaOF2rhqs9GlXNHnBGNcVW9jHCz2DdUhw 09Vkw38InfBaL7 uMe7OEojDyITwg12kSl47f mbGTN35cDiez

Step 3 – View related keywords to the main ones you are trying to target and make a list of these. These words will be useful to help improve on-site SEO. 


Step 4 – Create title tags & metas that include the main keyword you are trying to target – Example title tag “Dog Beds For Sale | Luxury Pet Beds” 


Step 5 – Now you have a generic title tag simply niche it down to the area you want to target “Dog Bed For Sale in Watford | Luxury Pet Beds” 


Step 6 – Implement this into your website if you are using wordpress Yoast is a nice and simple plugin that will allow you to easily add your title tag and meta description.


Step 7 – Repeat this for all services & products you offer. 


Step 8 – Adjust the text on your website to feature the keywords you are trying to target, also add in the related keywords from step 3, this will give you the best chance of rankings.


This is a very basic breakdown of how you can appear to rank in your local area. Yes, search volume may be low, but it is a starting point to build the foundations of your SEO. As your website gets more links, traffic and ages it will improve in authority and you will be able to start ranking for more competitive keywords. This is a simple method to start getting organic traffic to your website. 


Cost – £0 


Time – Depending on the size of your website between 2-12 hours 



Create a web page for every service/product you offer


Another way to boost your website traffic via SEO is to create a page for every service/product you offer. A common mistake websites make is to just list everything they do on one page. 


What should you do?


Create targeted pages for every service & product you offer. To save a lot of time you can create a template for a page and then download a duplicate page plugin. 


How will this help your business?


Quite simply you will have a bigger change of ranking for each different individual product/service you offer. Not only will this bring in more traffic but your conversions will also improve. These pages will offer a lot more detail about each individual product & service you offer so a potential customer will be a lot more likely to convert from this page than a generic services page. 


How do you get started?


The local SEO section above should give you the keyword research you need. Next you need to create a page for every service/product. My time saving tip would be to spend some time creating one template page, then download a page duplicate plugin and duplicate that page for every service/product you need. Now you should be able to edit the content to display why your company is the perfect choice for a potential customer for every product/service you offer.


Cost – £0 


Time Taken – Depending on site size between 2 – 20 hours+ 



Building Backlinks 


Now you should have some visibility on Google from your GMB Listing, Local SEO pages & product/service pages. You should see some increase in organic traffic and should start to appear in the search engine results. One of the most effective ways to grow your business from here is to increase your backlinks. 


What are backlinks 



A backlink is where one site links to your site. When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink.


Why will backlinks help your business


Backlinks used to be the most important ranking factor on Google by far. They are not as important as they used to be; however they are still one of the most effective ranking metrics you can control and use to help improve your position in the Google search engine results. 




What should you do?


To rank in your local area, you will need local backlinks. Add your business to local business directories these are often free and easy to join. After you’ve joined the local business directories you should be able to join free industry related directories. This will give you a good amount of starter backlinks. From there each month allocate some time towards building new links; one of the most effective methods I’ve found is to write testimonials for everyone you work with, companies love showing off good reviews on their website so this is a time saving tactic to build backlinks from other businesses in your local area .


Cost – £0 


Time taken – 4-8 hours 


Facebook Remarketing Pixel 


Now you have the tactics and strategies in place to start to build traffic to your website. It is very rare people visit a website the first time and contact/convert right away. It is now important you set up a way to track people who have visited your site and remarket to them.




What is a Facebook Pixel


From Facebook “Pixel is a few lines of code from Facebook that you copy into the header section of your website. This code allows the pixel to receive information about the actions taken on your site to make your Facebook ads more relevant to your audience.”


In simple terms the pixel allows you to store data and people that visit your site and show ads on Facebook to people who visit specific web pages or take desired actions. 




How will a Facebook Pixel help your business


Facebook is the easiest way to remarket to your audience and most likely the cheapest. As mentioned before a lot of people don’t convert on their first visit, so a remarketing campaign will bring people back to your website and make them more likely to convert into a paying customer. 


How do you set up the Facebook Pixel


First you will need to set up a Facebook Business account for your business, which you can do here.


Once you have set that up follow Facebook’s guide to setting up a pixel below: 




Create a pixel in Business Manager


  1. Go to Business settings in Business Manager.

  2. Select your business.

  3. Click Data sources.

  4. Select Pixels.

  5. Click the + Add button.

  6. Enter a name for your pixel.

  7. Optional: Enter your website URL.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. To install your pixel on your website, click Set up the pixel now. If you’d like to stay in Business Manager, click Continue managing my business.


If you have a wordpress site there is an official Facebook pixel plugin use this for a simple set up. 


14pMmQNJI4BGb cLAxdlPAszMfsHG66GB32nU5zSaFkMeKs0zSEc2UZsEgGdtrJDT1LML22XIIYZoG2I8UwPTakccE36h


Once you have the pixel set up you can make your first customer audience using the data from the pixel.


Now you can create remarketing ads for this audience. 


Cost – Up to you – I’d recommend starting with a low budget of £30 a month then increasing it as you get more customers


Time – Pixel Set Up – 1 hour

Ad creation – 2 hours 



Facebook Postcode Targeting 


Now you have created a Facebook Business account you can now run Facebook ads. The remarketing campaign should do a good job at bringing old visitors back to the site and your local SEO will bring in some relevant traffic but how can we get more visitors in your local area? Facebook Postcode Targeting. 


What is Facebook Postcode Targeting?


This is where you create a Facebook Ad that is shown to a saved audience that only gets shown to people in the postcodes you want to target. You can narrow these ads down further such as only showing them to a specific gender, age and even narrow it down to people’s interests and behaviours. 



How will this help your business? 


Targeting only the postcodes you want to do business in will heavily reduce your ad costs. If you are a hairdresser in a big city for example, targeting the whole city will lead to a waste of budget. The odds are low someone would travel across London to get a haircut, targeting specific post codes allows you to have the most targeted ads possible. Facebook is currently one of the most cost effective ad platforms. This means you can get your ads in front of your exact target audience for less than £1 a website visit. 


How do I set up Facebook Postcode Targeting? 


Follow the same steps you did for a remarketing ad but rather than using the custom audience you want to create a saved audience where it says location rather than entering your city just enter the different postcodes you want to target. 


Here is a link to a Youtube tutorial – 


Time – Audience creation 30 mins

Ad creative – 2 hours 


Cost – Start with a budget of around £60 in the first month, this should give you enough data so you know the average cost per click and how much each conversion roughly costs your business. 





Create a lead magnet 


So now we have methods of getting people onto your site and ads promoting your business in the local area. You may find that you are still not getting the number of customers you were hoping for. We must now create something that not only provides value for your customers but also presents you as an expert in your field while capturing data from potential customers.


What is a lead magnet?


A lead magnet is a piece of content that is helpful to a potential customer in which they exchange either their email address or contact information. Common lead magnets are eBooks, free guides, digital downloads and even offer/coupon codes.


How will a lead magnet help your business?


A lead magnet will give you direct contact with people interested in your business alongside presenting yourself as an expert in your field. Once someone receives your lead magnet you can have direct contact with them to encourage them to purchase from your business. Potential customers spend a lot of time in the consideration stage, it can even take years for them to purchase from you, as a rule the more expensive your company’s services or products are the longer it takes people to convert. A lead magnet allows you to prove how valuable your products/services are to a potential customer and lead them to become a future customer.  


What should you do?


Decide what type of lead magnet you want to use, it can be something simple and free such as a 10% discount code or a full eBook which showcases your knowledge on a subject. Go on a few of your competitors sites and see what lead magnets they are using, as a rule try to create something unique or better than your competition to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. 


Time – Anywhere between 2 – 40+ hours depending on your lead magnet 


Cost- £0 although you may need to hire someone to format/digitalise it if you are unable to yourself. 




Offer flexible pricing options 


Now you should have organic traffic increasing, people returning to your site via remarketing and engaging with your content via your lead magnet. It is important to then solve one of the most common pain points to why some visitors are still not converting into customers. This is often price. The best way to solve this is to offer flexible pricing options 




How will offering flexible pricing options help your business?


Quite simply, it will give your potential customers less of a reason to not become a paying customer. Price, cost & payment commitments such as a monthly subscription are the most common pain point to why a visitor is not becoming a customer. Offering prices options for different levels of service alongside flexible payment options will solve this problem. Businesses that offer different pricing options & flexible payment plans get more customers. You might not get the one off big payments you want; however lifetime revenue will increase, it is important to think of the long run when it comes to pricing options. 


IRJOU6C XVFsqtshtj1sp1lpHnBWJiC2uHrnXdsXYr5WlG68oecxTOAqUkZSi8U Uz7y5bva24o6m Phn RHJHfSchJmYoZXX6gzkcQfsgvv4iACyt5p3Zo2YpGuLevuZH6NpjdU




 What should you do?


If you are a service based business the most successful way to element this is to offer 3 levels of service; each level of service increasing in price but offers some additional extras. This allows your customers to choose exactly what they want. Some people want the best of the best everytime, your top level service offers this. Other customers just want the most cost-efficient service your low cost service offers this. Then you get everyone in the middle, they want some extra service but they are not quite yet ready to commit financially. This is where your medium priced service is perfect. 


What you will often find is customers will start on the lower priced services and as you build a relationship and trust they will happily pay more for the extra service. This is how you increase the lifetime value of your customers. 


If you sell products this should already be set up on your site, some products will be cheaper than others. If all of your products are high ticket items it may be worth looking to offer some monthly payment plans. This will encourage more customers to use your service. 


Time: Between 2 – 8 hours 

Cost: £0 



Referral Program 


Now you should be at a stage where you are getting organic traffic, people are revisiting the site via your ads, people are engaging directly with your traffic ads, they are engaging with your content & have used one of the levels of your service. This is great news, your marketing system is starting to work. There is however one other strategy which can help grow your business, this is a referral program. 


As a rule people mostly interact with other people who are most similar to them. This is no different with your customers, if someone is using your business, odds are high their friends & family would also be interested in the services you offer. 


What is a referral program?


A referral program is where you offer a discount or cashback for your current customers who refer new customers to your business. It is a great way to build a further relationship with your current customers while bringing new customers to your business. 


What should you do?


First decide what type of referral program you would like to do, the most common is to offer discounts to customers who refer new customers. You can also offer extra services or cash back to the customers who refer others. You have the flexibility here and can offer anything you want. The most successful referral schemes often offer both the old and new customer some form of discount, so both parties are happy to do business with you. 


How will this help your business?


It allows your current customers to do marketing on your behalf, if you offer a good service they will most likely be telling their friends and family anyway. A referral scheme means they will be actively trying to get people they know to join your business. 


One negative, people often bring up about this is the fact you are offering a discount, however would you pay 10% of your conversion cost to bring in a guaranteed lead with no effort? 99% of businesses would. On top of this the lifetime value of building your customer base far outweighs the discount offered. 


Time taken: 1 hour 


Cost: £0 





Email Marketing


The final strategy in this system is email marketing. Email marketing allows you to stay in the forefront of the potential customer’s mind. If you have all other 9 strategies in place and a customer has shown interest and still not converted it is important you stay in contact with them. Email marketing allows you to do this. Mailchimp offers a free email marketing service where you can send out marketing emails to up to 1000 emails for free. 


What is email marketing?


Email marketing is sending emails to potential customers that showcase either your products/services or showcase your brand as an expert in the industry. 


How will email marketing help your business?




It keeps you in contact with potential customers who were not ready to yet commit to your business when they first engaged with it. In some cases, it can take years before someone becomes a paying customer. Email marketing is a free way to ensure these people remember your business and to persuade them to use your services. 


What you should do?


Create a series of useful emails about the service/industry you work in, showcase your knowledge in these emails and aim to build trust with the audience. Once, you have built up a relationship it is much easier for people to engage with your sales emails. If you just go with sell,sell,sell people will unsubscribe and most likely never use your business. 


Remember to start with informing & educate then move on to persuade. This method is proven to work with email marketing. One example would be to send one email a week with useful content about your industry and offer free tips to potential customers. After 5 weeks you can send an email to your list presenting a tempting offer for them to use your business. 


Time taken: 6 hours 


Cost: £0 




These 10 strategies help build a marketing system that has proven to be successful for small local businesses around the world. The system is a low cost & low risk way for your business to generate more leads and customers. 


As mentioned at the start the online world moves fast. Not only do you need to constantly update your business but also your marketing strategies. What is working today may not work tomorrow. The main advantage of creating a system is that it allows you not to rely on just one channel of marketing, if one method stops working you will have 9 other ways to gain customers. 


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