11 Digital Marketing ideas to get more members for your yoga studio

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By Guy Hudson

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” – B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga teachers are often experts in their field but may find branching out into digital marketing overwhelming and difficult. This blog is designed to help current and future yoga teachers and studio owners get more members. The 10 digital marketing methods below have been proven to be successful in helping Yoga studios get more members. 



So many Yoga businesses do not have a website, it is crucial you have a website if you want to maximise your businesses potential. It may seem like a huge job; however it is possible to create a simple small website for a cheap cost. A website will allow future yoga students to easier view your timetable, pricing & contact you to book their first session. 


If you haven’t yet got a website for your yoga business it is crucial that you get one as soon as possible. There are many cheap and easy to use options available for yoga studios, a wordpress website can be simple and easy to use or you could even choose to go with Shopify which has an integrated payment system where people could book sessions & pay for memberships directly through the website. 


Facebook Business Page


Create a Facebook page for your business, a Facebook page allows you to easily connect to both current and future clients. Creating a business page and profile also gives you access to extra analytics and the ability to run target ads from your page (more on that later). 


If you haven’t created a Facebook page for your Yoga studio it is important to put this on your to do list. A Facebook page also allows you to have one other way to communicate with future and current clients, the messenger option is very popular to future gym goers who want to ask a few questions before visiting for the first time. 




Creating a Youtube channel has two main benefits in terms of getting more members for your Yoga studio. 


Benefit one – You can showcase your expertise in Yoga and become a leading expert in the field, this in turn will promote your studio and people will want to be taught by you.


Benefit two – You can use Youtube to eliminate any pain points people may have before joining your studio; such as what is the gym like, what is the teacher like etc. A Youtube video would allow you to showcase yourself & your gym to potential viewers.


Youtube grows each year and is still massively underused by businesses, it is free and a great way to showcase your Yoga studio. 


Content Marketing 


As a follow on from showcasing yourself & your business as being industry leaders in yoga, content marketing is a good way to go. Creating blogs such as “what to expect from your first yoga class” or “the best beginner yoga positions” not only present yourself as an expert but also will be beneficial to the Yoga community as a whole. 


If you are struggling with what to write about simply just ask your current members what they would have wanted to know before joining the yoga class. 




Google My Business will be crucial for promoting your yoga studio if you have not set up a GMB listing yet do this today! 


GMB listings can appear in the map pack so if someone types in “Yoga studio near me” your business will have a chance at appearing first in their search results. The GMB listing makes your yoga studio easy to find and to contact. 


If you want some help optimising your GMB listing for the most exposure please look at my guide here……




Search engine optimization will be important for your yoga studio once you have your website set up it is important people find you for the correct keywords. If you are in a small area where there are not many Yoga studios it may be easy to rank for “Yoga Studio (area)” however if you are in a competitive market such as London or New York it is important to niche down your SEO. 


If you have specific classes that are womens only or maybe only for beginners make sure you target these keywords on your website. “Beginners Yoga Class For Women In New York” may get a lot less searches; however you are a lot more likely to rank first and the searcher knows exactly what they are looking for. 


Social Ads


As SEO can take some time if you have a new website, if you are looking for new members fast social ads may be your best tactic. 


For a yoga studio i’d recommend using Facebook & Instagram Ads from the Facebook Business Manager you can target people who are interested in Yoga close to your studio. 


One tip is to do postcode targeting, the closer someone is to your studio the more likely they are to attend. 


To run a successful ad campaign it is important it comes with an offer, advertising a trial week or a discounted month membership should be a good enough offer to get people through the door for the first time. 



Email List


 As a follow on to how you can promote yourself as an expert in the industry it is important to build an email list, this allows you to directly send your new content such as your blogs & youtube videos to an audience you already know is interested in what you have to say.


Building an email list can take a long time; however creating an eBook such as the best yoga workouts for you to do at home and making it free for everyone who provides their email is a great way to get more people added to your email list. 

Remarketing Ads 


Installing a Facebook pixel on to your site will allow you to do remarketing Ads to people who have visited your website but not yet signed up to your yoga studio. You can also use video ads on Facebook to remarket to people who watched a specific % of the video.


Remarketing ads are normally the cheapest cost per action you will have in marketing as you are advertising to an audience that is already aware of your products and services.


If your first ad is useful such as “Yoga routine you can do at home” you can then remarket to people who watched the whole video with an offer for them to join your yoga studio. These people are the ones who are most likely to join your studio. 




Social Media Competitions 


It is important to grow your social media platforms to promote your yoga studio and the fastest way to do this is via a competition. This can be something super simple such as the name the Yoga pose or even just a standard guess of the name of competition. Offering a prize such a free week at the studio will get people who are interested in your studio to enter and get them engaged with your page. 

Host Local Events/ Live Streams 


Getting involved with the local community is a great way to get more members for your yoga studio. This can be something simple as an open day where anyone can come in for free and learn the basics of Yoga. 


Live streams can also have the same effect simply just stream one of the classes across your social pages so people who are interested can get a feel to what the classes are like. 


Using the tips above you should be able to start promoting your yoga studio to new members and drive more sign ups. 


If you have any specific questions to how you can further promote your Yoga studio please feel free to email me at guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk 


If you would like a professional bespoke digital marketing plan to help you fill up memberships for your Yoga studio please visit and purchase one here.