13 professional digital marketing tips for events

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By Guy Hudson

13 professional digital marketing tips for events 


Planning an event can always be stressful if it’s your first time as an event planner or you are one of the best professional event planners in the world, it is crucial that you use digital marketing to help promote your event. 


The best thing about the tips below is that they can be used to help promote any type of event no matter how big or small, all of the tips are scalable and can be used by first time event hosts and seasoned veterans. 


To keep things simple I have broken the tips up into 3 sections; before the event, during the event and after the event. This will help you sell out your next event and give you a system that helps sell out future events as well. 


Before the event 


  • Website 

  • Landing page for specific event 

  • Local influencer 

  • Competition 

  • Email marketing 

  • Social Ads 

  • Video content 


During the event 


  • Live stream 

  • Customer interaction 


After the event 


  • Remarket to past buyers 

  • Promote next event 

  • Post videos/images of last event 

  • Lookalike audience (use your data) 


Before the event 


If this is your first ever event or you have vast experience you will know that before the event is the most important aspect of your marketing, quite simply if you don’t do any marketing for your event no one will attend! It is crucial you have a marketing plan in place on how you will get people to buy tickets to your event. 


  1. Create a website for your events company 


If you do not currently have a website for your events company it is crucial that you have one, a website allows you to not only showcase your event but also allows you to showcase yourself. This is a perfect way to build trust with your target audience. A website will allow you to target keywords around your event which will attract a wider audience. 33,100 people in the UK each month search “events near me” using our keyword research guide found here……. You will be able to optimise your website so you are found by customers wanting to attend your event. 

On top of this having a website makes your event seem more professional. It is the modern day store front where potential customers can contact you and ask any questions before purchasing tickets for your event. 


  1. Create landing page for a specific event 


After you create your website for your events company it is important to then create specific landing pages for each event you host. This will be the perfect place you can directly send customers when they want more information about a specific event. This is also important if you host several events across a year as it will allow you to promote your events all year round. 


A landing page for the event should answer the most common questions a potential customer has about the event, some basic information about the event and a way to purchase tickets for the event. 


  1. Local influencers 


Getting some local to your event that is well known in your niche is a great way to market your event. If your event is a taster menu at your restaurant it may be a good idea to invite a popular local food blogger. 


If your event is related to an influencer’s niche they will most likely want to go to your event, so offering them a free ticket is a good way to get them to promote your event to their followers. 


  1. Host a competition 


Hosting a competition is a great way to advertise your event for free and better yet you can gain emails from people who are interested in your event. A competition can be hosted across all of your social media platforms alongside your website, the more simple you make it the better. Simple, asking entries to leave an email so you can notify the winners and send them future marketing material is worth giving away some free tickets for your event. 


  1. Email Marketing


Email marketing is becoming extremely popular again. Email is one of the best ways to nurture potential leads. If you already have an email list it is important to send out useful information and not just sales. An example would be if you are a music event, send out free music of the same genre or send out a free guide of what you should take to a festival etc. Your potential audience will appreciate this and it will promote your events company as an industry leader. Once you have engaged with your audience via email it is then a good time to send an exclusive offer via email to boost ticket sales. 


  1. Social Ads


Social Ads are perfect if you know your target demographic. Facebook can be so targeted, you can find people who are already interested in events similar to yours. Facebook allows you to target by location, age, interests & behaviours. This will let you tailor your ads to the exact people you want at your event. 


Remarketing is also key for social media ads, install a Facebook Pixel on your site and you can remarket to everyone who visited your site and not yet bought a ticket. 


Lookalike audiences are also a great way to find potential ticket buys. If you input your current email or website data into Facebook, it will find people in your target location who best match your current list. 


  1. Video Content


People love to see videos. Videos get the best engagement and tend to be the best creative when it comes to marketing. 


It is important to create video content that promotes your event. If you have a past event it will be a good idea to create highlights that can be used to create future events. 


If you haven’t yet hosted an event yet, it will be a good idea to create some promotional material such as filming the venue to get people excited about your event. 

During the event 


  1. Live Stream 


Live streaming your event is perfect for anyone who couldn’t attend but wants to see what is going on, it is also an amazing way to get people interested in your next event. You can live stream your event for free across all of the social media networks and Youtube. People will watch the stream and it is a free way to promote your events. 


  1. Customer Interaction 


Interacting with your customers during the event allows you to not only get immediate feedback, but also gain data for your next event. Asking customers to fill out a feedback form or to simple engage on social media with a hashtag can allow them to both gain data for your next event and create a social buzz for your event. 


After the event


  1. Remarket to past buyers  


If you installed the pixel on your website and gained email data from ticket buyers you now have a great opportunity to remarket to past buyers. 


You can promote your next event directly to these people both via social ads and email marketing. These are the people that are most likely to buy tickets to your next event so this should be the first bit of marketing you do for your future event. 

  1. Promote your next event 


Immediately after one event ends is the best time to promote your next event. This is when the most eyes will be on your social media channels, website and emails. It is crucial that you use this engagement to promote your next event. Offering something simple such as an early bird ticket will get people interested in buying straight away. 


  1. Post videos/Images of your past event 


Post and showcase your past event. Images and videos are the best way to do this. Create a highlight showreel of your event and post this across all your channels. 


One great method is to post all of the event photos across social media and encourage people to tag their friends if they spot them, this is an easy way to gain engagement on your social media channels. 

  1. Lookalike Audience (use your data)


As mentioned before a lookalike audience is a perfect way to find customers most similar to your current customers. 


You can use all your data from your first event to create an audience of people who best match your first attendees. After you create these audiences you can start to promote your next event to these people. 

These tips should help you promote your next event and make sure it is a sell out. If it is your first time planning an event it is often the hardest, so this free guide should give you some guidelines on how to use digital marketing on how to plan your event. If you have any questions about has been said here, free feel to email me at guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk 


If you would like a Bespoke Digital Marketing Plan to help you sell out your next event click here and we will happily create on for you.