3 Cheap Marketing Ideas You Can Do in Under One Hour

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By Guy Hudson

If you are running a small or local business odds are you are very busy.


This often means you don’t have hours to spend on marketing.


It also means you can’t afford to outsource your marketing to anyone else.


I have listed out 3 cheap marketing ideas you can do in under an hour that will help grow your business. 


The 3 ideas mentioned have helped businesses I have worked with in the past generate new leads and grow their business. 


Create a social Ad 


Creating ads on social media is not as hard as it seems.


You can use a photo from your website or even create a nice looking graphic on canva within 20 minutes.


If you have already set up your Facebook Business manager you can create an audience based on people who are in the postcodes you operate in.


If you haven’t created a business manager account you can do so here – https://business.facebook.com/


It will take about 10 minutes to create your account.


From there all you need to do is write your text and headline which can be done in under 20 minutes.


A quick review of everything and you should be able to go live in under an hour. 


Pick the objective you most want, if you just want people’s contact information run a lead generation ad, want people to go to your website? Run a traffic ad. 


Facebook has enough machine learning data to work out who is going to respond best to your ads. 


In terms of being a cheap idea you can decide your own budget. You will never spend a penny over your set budget. 


If you are worried about overspending you can put a spending limit on your account. 


In under an hour you can let Facebook become your own lead generation machine. 


Film a tutorial or explainer video 


You no longer need expensive editing software & a professional camera to make good videos. 


Most modern phones allow you to create videos good enough to post online.


In under an hour you can film a useful video for your audience. 


You can post this video on your social media pages, Youtube & even use them in promo material.


Video marketing on average does get the most engagement.


Find problems your potential customers have and film a quick video showing them how they can solve this.


Doing this on a regular basis will quickly showcase you as an expert in your industry. 


In terms of being a cheap marketing idea – video can be a free marketing tool. You could pay to get more engagement or even hire a freelance editor if you wanted a more professional look. 

Create a offer on Google My Business 


If your listing isn’t fully optimised it is recommended that you do that first as without appearing in searches no one will see your offer. (It will take over an hour to optimise your listing).


If you get good engagement on your listing it would be a good idea to post an offer on there. 


The offer would be seen by everyone typing in your company name when your listing appears.


You can add a link to the offer where people can click directly to the page the offer is on.


Google My Business is an extremely underrated marketing channel.


Simply tasks such as responding to reviews, posting on the listing and answering questions can quickly lead to more calls & website clicks. 

If you are really struggling with your marketing due to a lack of time, it may be a good time to look at outsourcing some of your digital marketing.


We offer a range of cheap digital marketing services designed to grow small businesses. 


Send me a message below and I would love to offer some free advice on how we could help your business.



Cheap Marketing in under a hour

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