3 Most Effective Cheap Marketing Methods To Try in 2021

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By Guy Hudson


As a small or local business it is hard to research and learn all the marketing methods you can use to help grow your business. 


We specialise in finding cheap marketing methods for small & local businesses.


There are 100’s of marketing channels but if you are limited by budget & time these are the 3 cheap marketing methods you should focus on in 2021.

Google My Business 


Out of all the cheap marketing methods Google My Business is the best for service & local businesses. 


A fully optimised Google My Business listing will allow your business to rank in the map pack.


This can be the best free marketing method for small & local businesses.


Posting every day on your listing is a great way for your business to rank higher in the map pack. 


The main bonus about ranking in the map pack is potential customers can ring you directly from the listing.


If you have a physical location people can request directions from the listing.


If you need some professional help optimsing your listing feel free to send us a message.


Local SEO


Local SEO is crucial for any small business.


In terms of being a cheap marketing method it is completely free. 


To rank locally you need to ensure your site targets the area you want to appear in.


This includes mentioning your target location in your; title tag, meta description, website copy & image alt tags.


You need to also ensure that you get backlinks from local websites.


Local business directories are always a good place to start.


Local SEO does take time, so be patient. 


Make sure you pick keywords you can realistically rank for and over time build on your SEO.


Creating pages for each service you offer should give you a better chance of ranking for more keywords. 

Social Ads 


In terms of a paid for cheap marketing method social ads would be my recommendation in 2021.


For small & local businesses they allow you to run advertising campaigns without breaking the bank.


The main benefit is you can pause and stop your campaigns at any time alongside scale with more budget if something is working.


I’d recommend starting with Facebook ads as this is where you can get the most detailed audience targeting.


If you are a service based business I recommend running an ad that targets people in the postcodes you offer your services.


It is important to remember that there is no guarantee that the ads will be successful so don’t put all of your marketing budget into one campaign.


The most successful campaigns offer a deal or a freebie to get someone to use your services for the first time, from there you can turn them into a lifelong customer.



In my opinion these are set to be the 3 most effective cheap marketing methods in 2021. 


It is important to try a range of marketing methods as different businesses will find success in different channels.


If you were wanting some help with your digital marketing feel free to send me a message below. 





3 Most Effective Cheap Marketing Methods

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