3 Proven Cheap Effective Marketing Ideas To Try in 2021

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By Guy Hudson

For small & local businesses it is crucial you find cheap effective marketing ideas.


You don’t have millions to spend on a marketing campaign or have famous celebrities to help sell your products.


Small & local businesses need results from their marketing ideas.


We specialise in finding cheap effective marketing ideas for small & local businesses.


Even, during the lockdowns in 2020 we managed to generate a positive return for our clients.


In this blog we have listed out the 3 proven cheap effective marketing ideas small & local businesses need to try in 2021. 


Social Ads 


Paid ads are no longer for big businesses. 


Small & local businesses can now be very successful via paid social media.


If you have never run a paid social campaign before I would recommend starting with Facebook as this will also allow you to show your ads on Instagram.


It is easier than ever to create ads for your business.


You can set up all your audience targeting in the ads manager of Facebook.


In terms of creative you can create graphics easily on Canva.


Or, even use Facebook’s slideshow creator to make a short video.


The bonus of creating a video is that you can remarket to people who watched all of your short video.


In terms of being a cheap effective marketing idea, social ads can be as cheap as you want them to be.


You set your own daily or lifetime budget and will not pay a penny over. 


Social ads are something you should try in 2021. 




In terms of being a proven cheap effective marketing idea there isn’t much better than SEO.


Search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website to rank higher in the search engine results.


The higher your website ranks, the more people will click on it, more clicks = more conversions. That’s a basic breakdown.


SEO isn’t a new crazy idea for 2021, it is a tried & tested method that is crucial for businesses of all sizes.


As a small or local business you need to be tactical with your SEO, it is unlikely you will be able to compete with the major brands in your industry.


When choosing keywords make sure you can realistically rank for them.


Targeting just the location you are based is a great starting point to get your first organic hits. 


In terms of being a cheap digital marketing idea SEO is pretty much free.


It will however involve a lot of time investment.


It is crucial you are patient with your SEO campaigns.


If you are really struggling for time, it may be a good idea to look at our Cheap SEO Services.

Content Marketing 


Content marketing is the best long term cheap effective marketing idea you can implement into your business.


If you consistently put out useful content, you will quickly become a industry expert.


No matter what industry you are in, potential customers are thankful for free content. 


There is no excuse to not produce content in 2021. 


You have a wide range of content you can produce; vlogs, blogs, video tutorials, live events & eBooks are just a few examples any business can produce.


You no longer need special skills to create content.


In 2021 make in your goal to create at least one piece of useful content a month. 


If you are a service based business create a simple tutorial or training video a beginner could follow.


If you sell products, create blogs on what the best uses are for the products.


You will be surprised how positive the reactions are once you produce useful content. 


3 Proven Cheap Effective Marketing Ideas To Try in 2021


These are only 3 ideas that have been proven to help small & local businesses.


There may be 1000’s of different marketing ideas you could try and it is important to find what works for your audience.


It may be the case you currently just have no time to do your own marketing, if that is the case you should send us a message below.


We specialise in cheap digital marketing for small & local businesses. 


Cheap Effective Marketing Ideas

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