The Pros & Cons of using a Cheap Marketing Agency

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By Guy Hudson

We pride ourselves in being a cheap marketing agency for small & local businesses in the UK.


We manage to keep our outgoings very low and only focus on offering services we are best. 


This alongside minimising meeting times has allowed us to offer our clients marketing services at affordable prices.


If you are a growing business you may have been shocked at a quote you received from a marketing agency and are now looking to go down the cheap marketing agency route.


Below you will find 5 benefits & warning signs when you are deciding whether to use a cheap marketing agency to grow your business. 




Cost effective 


The main benefit is that it will be cost effective. You can save £1000’s each month by choosing a cheap marketing agency. 


This will give you more marketing budget to spend on either ads or other resources. 


A cheap agency is also less likely to have full-time salesmen whose only job is to get you to spend more money. 


Use more budget on ads 


A follow up of the previous point.


You pay the agency less each month which means you get more to spend on advertising.


This means your ads will get shown to more potential customers and you have a better chance of running a successful ad campaign.


Less risk 


If you are limited via your budget. 


Choosing a cheap marketing agency is less of a risk to your business.


If something doesn’t work out you can walk away and still have some marketing budget left.


If things go wrong with an expensive marketing agency it can be very difficult to recover. 

Find hidden gem agencies 


There are some agencies who are cheap because they are just starting out.


As with every agency new businesses have to separate themselves from the big competition they often do this via offering cheaper prices.


This can mean you can find some good upcoming agencies who will be future big players in marketing for a cheap price.


No long term contacts 


Cheap marketing agencies will often offer no contract marketing.


This means you are not tied in to a lengthy marketing contract.


If something does go wrong you can leave and not be burnt by a bad marketing agency. 


Month on month marketing means they need to bring results to keep their clients. This is often a good sign. 


Warning Signs 


Can’t contact the person doing the work 


The biggest warning sign should be you can’t contact the person doing the work.


This is a major red flag.


Just ask the agency if you will have direct contact with the person doing the work, if they say no it is a sign of concern.


Unrealistic results 


The most common warning sign of a cheap marketing agency. 


If they promise you can rank 1st position within 90 days, it is a huge warning.


No one who has experience in the industry would give you unrealistic promises.


If a cheap marketing agency is offering this, they most likely use bad practices that ill in the long term harm your site. 


No Report 


If they don’t report on the work done and show you what impact it has had it is a warning sign.


Every marketing agency should offer you a monthly report. 


This report will feature a key breakdown of stats, work that was done & plan for the next month. 


Bad Website 


If the cheap marketing agency has a bad website this is a warning sign.


It shows they have not invested into their own website & marketing.


If they don’t care about their own website it is a worrying sign.


Make sure the cheap marketing agency has a good & professional looking website. 


Not based in your country 


Yes, there are 1000’s of good marketing agencies outside of your country.


However, in marketing you need experience of understanding your clients customers to get the best results.


If someone isn’t based in your country it is highly unlikely they will know what works for your customers. 




I hope this helps you if you are considering using a cheap marketing agency and given you some useful tips on what to avoid.


If you were interested in cheap digital marketing services, feel free to send me a message below and I would love to offer some free advice on how you could grow your business. 


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