5 Cheap Marketing Channels To Focus On in 2021

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By Guy Hudson

2020 was a tough year for small & local businesses in the UK. 


2021 does offer more hope however a lot of businesses do have a large budget to spend on their marketing. 


At Bespoke Marketing Plans we specialise in Cheap Digital Marketing.


We have used our knowledge and experience of helping businesses in 2020 to create this blog.


As with anything in marketing focusing on just one marketing channel often won’t bring much success.


It is important all of your marketing channels work together creating your business a cheap marketing system that will bring you more customers.  


Below you will find 5 cheap marketing channels small & local businesses should focus on in 2021.


All of these channels were a success for our clients in 2020 with little marketing budget needed.


Google My Business 


In my opinion Google My Business is the best cheap marketing channel.


Google My Business allows you to rank in the map pack.


This is crucial when people search “near me” style searches. 


If you were a plumbing business with a fully optimised listing you would appear in the map pack for searches such as “plumber near me”.


Ranking is not guaranteed as there are factors such as your business location that you cannot help.


One pro tip is to post on your listing everyday. This is proven to increase the ranking of your listing and get you more visibility. 


Google My Business is great for service based businesses as it allows people to call you directly from the listing. 


You do offer a cheap Google My Business optimisation service if you were interested in getting professional help with your listing. 




SEO I believe is the cheapest marketing channel for long term website growth.


Google My Business can help you rank in the map pack, SEO can help you rank top of the Google organic rankings. 


SEO is not instant, it takes months and sometimes years to build a solid organic traffic. 


It is 100% worth the investment though, as once your site starts to rank and has some good domain authority you will more than likely get a good amount of organic traffic year on year.


In terms of being a cheap marketing channel it is free to do. It will just require some time. 


If you have never done SEO before and want to do it on your site, I recommend Brian Dean’s SEO for beginners Youtube videos. 


If you were looking at getting some affordable professional help, send us a message at the bottom of this blog and we would love to help. 


Social Ads 


Social Ads are often the cheapest paid marketing channel a business can do.


Costs have started to rise due to competition from big brands who were forced to move online during Covid-19.


You can still get a good cost per conversion via running ads on social media.


If you’ve never ran ads on social media before. I recommend starting on Facebook.


Facebook allows you to target your exact demographic.


If you are a service based industry. My pro tip would be to run an ad targeting people in all the postcodes you provide service in. 


Once you have a good amount of traffic built up, run a remarketing ad offer a % discount or free trial if possible. This will massively help conversion rates.


If you want any advice on social ads, send us a message below. 



Youtube can be a cheap untapped marketing channel.


Youtube is extremely popular and crowded in some niches however an easy marketing channel to get some good engagement in others.


 Being in front of a camera is not for everyone. 


If it is something you are comfortable with it is 100% a good idea to post a few videos on Youtube.


These shouldn’t be sales videos rather using your business knowledge to offer some advice or a tutorial based on something your business offers. 


This will help you establish yourself & your business as an industry leader. 


It is also great for brand awareness. 


You can find success in Youtube in pretty much any niche. 


One example from 2020 was Ashville Aggregates a grab hire company in London. Their owner Daniel posted vlogs on their Youtube channel which now has 171,000 subscribers and some of their videos get over 1 million views. If this was paid for marketing it would have cost £1,000s.


Just type in the industry you work in on Youtube. You will find someone in the world who runs a business similar to yours posting videos on there. 


Content Marketing 


If you prefer writing to video then content marketing is a cheap way to become an industry leader.


As with Youtube writing useful blogs and guides about your industry helping potential customers will do wonders for your brand awareness.


If you have a lot of experience in your industry it may be one idea to look into self publishing an eBook which can be used as a lead magnet to gain interest from potential customers.


You can easily set up an Amazon store & actually profit from your eBook if it is of good quality.


In terms of content on your blog and site it is crucial to ensure it is relevant to your business. If you are in a competitive market focus on one niche. Trying to be too broad will get you no engagement. 


Content marketing is not a fast route to success it can take years before your blogs and content get good engagement.


It is however a good cheap marketing channel as the only cost you would pay would be to advertise your latest posts. 




If you are a small business you most likely don’t have the time to focus on every marketing channel.


This is fine, find the one or two that works best for you and focus on that.


If you were interested in getting some affordable help with your digital marketing, feel free to send me a message below. 

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