5 Professional Digital Marketing techniques For Laws Firms

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By Guy Hudson

Digital marketing is useful for every industry; however some industries prefer old school methods rather than the new digital age. Law firms can often be guilty of this, the good news is that if you are one of the first law firms in your area to embrace the digital era you will have the upper hand.


If you don’t think digital marketing is right for your law firm; simply think about the biggest growing businesses in the world right now – Uber, Apple, Amazon. What do they all have in common? They had laser focus on digital growth. Now, think about some big companies that have recently gone under; Thomas Cook, Toys ‘R’ Us, Woolsworths. What did they all have in common? They didn’t embrace digital marketing.


You are most likely in the position where you have other ways of getting clients; word of mouth, traditional media etc. These can still work; however the data shows nothing works better and is more cost effective than a good well planned digital marketing campaign.


In this blog I am going to show you the 5 tried and tested elements of a digital marketing campaign law firms can use to get more clients and increase profits. 


Local SEO 


If you only work in a specific location local SEO will be vital for your law firm. It is crucial that you rank for your main keywords in your target area. 


If you are in a highly competitive city such as London, it will be a good idea to further niche down your local SEO to give yourself a better chance of ranking for keywords and improve your organic traffic.


To niche down your local SEO focus on the service you most want to specialise in, as not only can you display yourself as a market leader you can also greatly increase your conversion rate. 


“Law firm London” may get the most searches; however it is better to rank first for “family law firm London” than 8th for just “law firm”. Pick your target service and your target location. Focus on ranking for that first then you can grow into other areas.


It is important to remember that trying to market to everyone often means you are marketing to no one. Niche down your locations and niche down your services. 


Google My Business


Google My Business gets mentioned a lot in my blogs. This is because no industry uses it well. It is free digital marketing. You can rank at the top of the most popular search engine in the world for free, just by spending a few minutes a day updating your profile.


If you have not claimed your GMB listing do it right now, if you have not updated it or optimised it do it right now, if it is updated and optimised – well done your ahead of 90% of law firms. Next, you need to ensure you show up for your main services, such as with local SEO you need to create content about what you want to rank for. Every day you should do one post on your profile about a service/ product / update that is on the topic of your main services. 


Data shows companies that post and update their listing daily get more visibility, clicks and traffic from their listing. A Google Ad click can cost a law firm up to £40 you can get free traffic just by updating your GMB listing. 


Google Ads 


As I’ve just stated Google Ads are not cheap for law firms. This is due to competitive markets and the high value of conversions; however if you have a good marketing budget and know what types of jobs you want you should look into creating a Google Ads campaign.


Google Ads allow you to appear on the top of the search engine results page straight away. No waiting to be indexed or for SEO to take an impact, you can set up your campaign in the morning and be shown first by the afternoon. 


It is important you create a good landing page to generate conversion from your ads or it will be a waste of money. Consider adding a lead magnet or freebie to the page, so at the very least you gain marketing data such as an email so you don’t lose the paid for potential lead.


Referral Scheme 


Word of mouth is a valid method of marketing, a referral scheme can digitalise this and allow you to grow. Offer your current clients a reward or bonus by referring new customers. All they have to do is send a unique link to a customer and if someone fills out a contact form with that link they are rewarded.


This costs nothing to set up and is worth trying if you have never done a referral scheme. You can use programs to help automate one; however if you want to start small select your most loyal clients and send them a personalised email about your referral scheme.

Website services page 


A lot of law firms have the same issue of including everything they do all on one page. This is terrible for two reasons. 


Firstly SEO wise you don’t get the chance to rank for the individual services you offer, this means it will be costing you in terms of traffic and revenue.


Secondly, if a user visits your website it is highly unlikely that they are interested in every service you offer. Creating a separate page for each one allows them to find exactly what they are looking for. It also gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge on each individual service which will help increase conversions. 


These 5 digital marketing techniques have been proven to help law firms across the United Kingdom however these methods would work across the world. 


The law industry is getting more competitive online so it is crucial you put some focus on digital marketing, if you have any questions about digital marketing feel free to send me a message at guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk 


If you are interested in cost effective digital marketing for your law firm please view more information on our page here. 


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