5 free professional digital marketing tips for Charities

Cheap Digital Marketing Expert

By Guy Hudson



In the modern world it is important for charities to engage and succeed in their digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing can be crucial for charities and be a gateway for more volunteers, more donations and generating awareness towards the charities cause. 


Most charities don’t have any digital marketing strategy in place which can lead to some digital marketing campaigns being expensive and not as effective as they would have hoped for. This guide aims to give small charities some free digital marketing help and resources they can use to help with fundraising, finding volunteers & raising awareness. 


Free marketing support from Google 


Many charities do not use the free support from Google. This will be the most cost-effective marketing your charity can do. 


Google does offer Ad grants which can get you up to $10,000 per month to spend on Ads to help raise awareness for your charity, cause and campaigns.


Google also offers a whole suite for Non For Profits in which some options are free, you can have a look here.


SEO for charities 


A SEO strategy is so important for your charity as it will bring your website free visitors that have searched for terms related to your cause. As a charity it is important that potential donors, volunteers and people who use your services can find you online. 


SEO can help you get more visibility in the search engines which in turn will get you more visibility for your charity. 


It is crucial for charities to research keyword search volume around their cause and create content that targets these keywords. Feel free to use my keyword research guide here to help get you started…..


Social Ads for charities 


Social media can be very important for charities as it is a place you can promote your latest news and awareness campaigns for free, however recent changes have left organic views of posts very low. It will be a good investment for your charity to use some of your marketing budget on paid social ads.


The main benefit of paid social ads is how targeted they are. A basic example could be if you are an animal charity you can run ads that target people that are interested in specific animals in your target area. You can also run ads that target people who are interested in bigger charities, these will be the people who are more likely to engage with your charities efforts. 


Facebook does now have a donate button, where people who see your post can donate directly through Facebook, this will be worth looking at for your charity. You can also use the Facebook jobs section as a place to recruit new volunteers for free. 


Youtube non for profit 


Google is really helpful for charities and this is shown via their YouTube Nonprofit Program. This helps you connect with your supports, volunteers & donors. 


The program has many features that allows you to link directly to your site from videos and receive technical support with your Youtube channel.

Videos currently are proven to be the best creative format, videos get the most engagement and often led to the best conversion rates. It is worth setting up a Youtube channel for your charity. 


WordPress is the best fit for charities/ not for profit websites 


For your charity it is crucial you have a website that is user friendly and easy to use. In this case WordPress is most likely your best option. I have listed a few below: 


  • It can be free; however you will need to pay for a hosting plan 

  • It’s secure. WordPress offers free security. 

  • There is a list of plugins designed for charities. To help with signups & donations 

  • It is one of the most popular website providers, meaning someone will be able to help you if you come across issues.


As a charity it is crucial you don’t waste any of your marketing budget. There is a lot of help from free companies out there and it would be wise to use this.