6 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For Hotels

Cheap Digital Marketing Expert

By Guy Hudson

Digital marketing is crucial for your hotel, traditionally hotels could survive on word of mouth, repeat visitors and brand name. In the modern world people can find exactly what they want in a click of a button, it is crucial your hotel appears when people type in relevant searches. This blog will give hotel owners 6 professional digital marketing ideas to get more bookings and visitors. 




To boost your bookings and your digital marketing overall you need to have your own website. Being on the popular booking sites such as booking.com will be beneficial but having your own website will take you to the next level.


This makes your hotel look more professional and gives your potential visitors more information about you. A website is somewhere you can have all FAQ’s and information a visitor needs this will save you time with emails and phone calls. 


Your own website also will allow you to conduct Local SEO on your website meaning you will have a better chance of getting shown for relevant searches in your local area.


Google My Business 


The most underused digital marketing tactic by hotels is Google My Business. A GMB listing allows you to be shown for relevant searches related to your hotel. Below I made a search for “hotel with a spa Manchester” that is the first thing I saw on my search results.


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When you fully optimise your listing you can appear in the hotel lists on Google, it does integrate with all your booking providers showcases the lowest prices for the searcher. 


If you have not yet get started creating your GMB listing here – https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/business/ 


Remarketing Ads 


If you have a website it is crucial that you show remarketing ads to people that visit your website but do not book a room. These people are interested so it is important to not lose them to a competitor. 


A Facebook pixel is the easiest way to do this. A Facebook pixel allows you to show Facebook & Instagram ads to people who have previously visited your website.


One great tip is to run a remarketing campaign alongside an offer such as; 10% off your booking or book now pay when you arrive.


This will drive people back onto your website & make them more likely to convert.

Payment Plans 


This is mainly for expensive hotels; however it is a useful tip to try for all prices. Offering flexible payments is proven to boost bookings. 


Either monthly payments to pay off the booking or even pay a small deposit then the rest at a later date. This encourages people to get their room booked which is your main priority. 


If you need the money straight away, offer people a discount if they pay for the booking fully in advance.


Test this for a month or so, you will be surprised at how much of a difference this can make to conversions. 


Useful Content 


Create content that is useful for people who may be staying in your hotel. This can improve customer experience alongside encouraging more people to book.


Create a blog which features the top 10 activities to do in your location, this will not help with your local SEO it will also give your customers & potential customers some useful content and they will be grateful for that. 


This can also include content that just makes their trip easier & less stressful, this will lead to better reviews. Create a document that shows the best place to park, how to access your hotel via public transport, best routes to main attractions etc. 


Creating content is key to presenting your hotel as a leader in its local area. 




Partnerships are massively underutilized, if you are in a major city where there are often events that people travel to, you should partner with these events. 


Example, there’s a business conference in your city. Why not offer everyone who goes to the conference 10% off a room and offer the organiser 5% of any booking the conference brings in. Yes, it may look like your giving away 15% of profit; however how full do you get during the week? Would you not pay 15% for guaranteed bookings? 


People also like to be in the same hotel as each other, get a few bookings from one event and you will often find you’ll be fully booked.


Research local events in your area and see if you can create a deal with them. 


If you are interested in professional digital marketing for your hotel and to get access for a proven system that has helped hotels across the UK get more bookings, view our hotel page here