5 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For Interior Designs

Cheap Digital Marketing Expert

By Guy Hudson

Traditionally interior designers could promote their business in magazines or simply really on referrals to get by. The rising cost of traditional advertising and an ever increasing market has led to interior designers needing to focus on their digital marketing efforts. 


I have helped interior designers across the United Kingdom with digital marketing systems that improve profits and get the exact clients they want. A targeted digital marketing system becomes your best salesmen. 


Below are 5 professional digital marketing tips for interior designers that will get you more clients. 


Google My Business 


The most underused tool by small businesses is Google My Business. It is free, completely free marketing for your business. Not only this but a fully optimised Google My Business listing can appear at the top of the organic search results. 


Below I have done a search for “interior designers Manchester” Bespoke Living By Design currently rank first. This is a search term that is entered 390 times a month, keeping top spot would mean they would put their company in front of 4,680 searches who are looking for interior design. That’s just one keyword. Google My Business can put you in front of 10000’s of searches a year for free. 


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If you have not yet created a Google My Business listing do it here – https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/business/ 


Once you have created your listing, contact me at guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk and I will send you information about optimisation to ensure your listing ranks in the top positions. 


Local SEO 


New clients that are interior designers always seem to be trying to target “interior design” on their website. This is not a bad thing and ideally it would be amazing if you ranked first for that; however it is unrealistic. You need to niche down into the areas you work in. “interior design manchester” already gives you a better chance of ranking. Personally, if you are a new website and in a big city like Manchester I would niche down again, either to specific areas or sectors you work in. “Interior Design For Offices in Manchester” – a very niche keyword but you will rank & this will bring in very targeted organic traffic. 


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Pick your target area and your target service. Trying to target everyone normally means you get seen by no one. 


Facebook Remarketing 


Google My Business and Local SEO should get some organic traffic to your website. As you are service based it’s highly unlikely people will convert into a customer straight away this is where Facebook Remarketing is important. 


Set up a Facebook Pixel on your site if you haven’t yet. Here’s Facebook’s official guide. https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755 


Once the pixel is set up you can now promote your business to people who have visited your site and not converted. This ensures that they don’t forget about you, return to your website & become visitors. 


Facebook remarketing is often the cheapest cost per click advertising you can run. As the audience is already aware of your brand, pair the ad with an offer or lead magnet and you should get a very cost effective way to get people back to your website. 



To rank high in Google you need backlinks. As a local interior designer I’d start by joining all the local business directories you can. Next join all the free interior designer directories. That is a very simple overview of how you can get some starter backlinks for your website.


In short, backlinks are one of Google’s main ranking factors, the more backlinks they have, the more authoritative your site looks and the easier it will be to rank higher in the search engines. 


Also, you’d be surprised to find that people do actually use some online directories. Some of them do actually rank high on Google for key search terms so adding your business to them gives you some extra visibility as well. 


Business Partnerships 


Partner with other businesses. There are 100’s of businesses related to your business in your local area. Forming partnerships is a fantastic way to refer work to each other so you can both gain more clients.


Just send a few emails to business owners in your local area and see what deal you can arrange. You will be amazed at how successful these can be. I’ve had one interior design client gain a 5 figure job within 3 weeks of forming a new business partnership. Networking with other businesses does work.

These 5 tips should give you the starting point to your digital marketing system. If you would like some professional help on your digital marketing and want me to apply a cost effective proven system which has generated customers from interior design clients to your business. View our interior design page here and send me a message about your business.