5 Warning Signs of a Affordable SEO Service

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By Guy Hudson

You’ve decided or been told SEO is the best service to grow your business online however you are shocked at the cost some agencies charge?


This is a common theme amongst small & startup business owners. 


At Bespoke Marketing Plans we pride ourselves in offering the best cheap SEO services for small businesses. 


There are however a number of companies that offer affordable SEO services that will use spam black hat SEO techniques that can do more harm than good when it comes to the long term growth of your website. 


Below you will find 5 warning signs to watch out for when signing up for an affordable SEO service. 


You have no contact to the person doing the work 


The 1st warning sign for an affordable SEO service is that you can’t contact the person doing the work.


This is rare however in some cases companies will get you to send over your website URL and then expect you not to contact you for a few months.


This isn’t exclusive to affordable SEO services – in fact some major players in the digital marketing industry have been known to outsource their work to cheaper agencies.


If you work with any agency make sure you can have direct contact with the person doing work on your website. 


They give unrealistic promises 


This will be the most common warning sign for affordable SEO services. 


If you see “1st place rankings in 90 days” or anything along those lines, avoid that service. 


Any SEO professional knows nothing is guaranteed. 


Anyone offering unrealistic promises is either doing something against Google’s guidelines or lying to you. 


They don’t give you any plan of work  


If you are paying below industry standard you may not receive the exact same service you would get if you were paying 5x the amount for example.


A warning sign however would be if an affordable SEO service provider uses this as an excuse to not give you any plan of what work will be done.


A good SEO professional will make a plan on how they are going to increase your Google Rankings & website traffic. 


Even if these are just simple bullet points – Ask your SEO professional to see a breakdown of what work will be done, if they refuse or want to charge you it is a big warning sign. 


They are not based in your country 


This one isn’t always a warning sign.


There are 1000’s of good SEO professionals based outside of your country.


It is common however for affordable SEO service providers to pretend they have much greater knowledge about your target market than they really do.


This is especially true if you focus on serving a specific location. You will in general get better results using a SEO professional who is based local to you or at least in the same country as they will have a better understanding of both your competitors and your potential customers. 


They guarantee number of backlinks each month 


Backlinks are still a major Google ranking factor.


A good backlink builder understands it is not a guarantee to how many you can get each month. 


Any affordable SEO service that promises a set number of backlinks should be avoided. 


This is also true if they offer any guarantee on website metrics such as monthly users. 


They will highly likely be using spam techniques which can get your website punished. 


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