5 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For Vets Dentists

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By Guy Hudson

As a private dentist you are already an expert in your own field. If you own your own dental practice you would have quickly found out you also need to become an expert in business and now in the modern world to get new customers you have to become an expert in digital marketing. That is a lot for one person master. 


The world of digital marketing can be confusing and seem very difficult with 1000’s of different options and opinions on what you should do. I have created this blog to give dental practices 5 simple & effective digital marketing strategies that have been proven to get dentists more patients. 


Local SEO 


Local SEO is what you need to do to get more visitors to your website. It is important you appear at the top of the search results when people type in “Dentist (your area)”. To do this you need to optimise your local SEO. 


SEO is a complicated process and would be impossible to explain in one blog – however I will list out some simple best practices to get you ranking better:


  • Your title tag should be “Dentist (your area) | (what you specialise in)

  • Your meta description should mention you are a dentist in the area you are targeting

  • Your website should mention the location you are based 

  • Your website should mention the different services you offer in your target location 

  • Add outbound links to any organisations you are a part of – This does help SEO.


Google My Business 


Below I’ve made a search for Dentist Manchester, that is the first thing I see on my screen. A potential customer might not even look further than this, odds are high they will contact one of them 3 dentists. 

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It is important that you have and optimise a Google My Business listing. A fully optimised listing is what helps you rank at the top of the map pack. 


Below I have listed a few tips to get to the top of the map listing 


  • Fill out your business description with keywords 

  • Add all the services you offer

  • Include all the areas your customers come from 

  • Add your opening hours 

  • Include all contact information 

  • Post regularly on your listing 


Not a lot of dentists use Google My Business effectively, it is important to be active on your listing and ensure you are getting shown in your local area.



Private dentists are not cheap. People will very rarely contact you straight away and sign up. It is important you don’t lose people in the consideration stage. 


To keep people engaged and aware of your dental practise remarketing ads are important. 


The cheapest and most effective way to do this would be via Facebook Ads. Facebook has a pixel you can install on your site and this will track people who visit, from there you can create a custom audience of these people and show your ads to them.

Facebook Postcode Ads


Sticking with Facebook, one of my most useful techniques is to target postcodes. Pick the postcodes most of your customers are in and run ads in them areas. 


You can also use this as a great method to get more customers from a new area or if you open up a new practice in a different area in the future. 


I’ve made a brief video guide of how you can target postcodes on Facebook, have a look here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8OpWvWdtos&t=9s 


Online Booking System 


An online booking system will massively increase your number of customers! This is one that needs to be addressed in the dental world. For some reason people tend to hate phoning places, this is even more true with the younger generation. 


People now expect to either be able to send a live chat message or book directly online. As a dental practice it would be worth looking into an online booking system where your patients could book in and manage their appointments. It will save you time and make you money in the long run.


Follow these 5 tactics to get more clients for your dental practice, you can now either give them a go yourself or contact me if you would like some help. Either spend me and email at guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk or fill out the contact form below. 


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