6 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For Vets

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By Guy Hudson

As a vet your main focus is caring for animals and your customers, that is where your priorities should be. It is however important you also put some effort into your digital marketing strategies, companies in all industries are falling behind for not investing into digital marketing, vets are no different. 


Digital marketing can be confusing and hard to be successful at if you have no experience, this blog is designed to give vets some free professional digital marketing strategies that are cost effective and proven to be successful.


Local SEO 


Local SEO should be one of your main focuses. SEO is the act of getting your site shown in the search results for your targeted keywords. In an ideal world you’d rank 1st for vets, however this for one is unrealistic & secondly doesn’t actually perfectly target your main audience. You need to target “Vets (your location)” this means you are ranking for your main keyword alongside being shown in your main target area. People will not travel miles in an emergency, it is crucial you promote your business to those closest to you. Local SEO is the way to do this, ensure your website is targeting the main areas you want to work in rather than generic areas. 


Niche down on your website 


As local SEO helps you to niche down to specific areas, it is also important you niche down into specific services.  


As a vet you most likely offer emergency services, check ups & appointments if these are all mentioned on the same page it is highly unlikely any of them to rank. 


You want to be appearing for “Vet Emergency (your area) & (vet appointments (your area). To do this you need to create separate pages for each service. This will help you rank for each service individually.


It also means people don’t have to spend time looking for what they want on your website, this is crucial in emergencies. A page can just have a contact number at the top then more information below, this will lead to more people contacting you. 


Google My Business 


Google My Business is one of the most underused digital marketing strategies by Vets. 


GMB is how you appear in the map pack which is the first thing people see when they type in “Vets (location)” I’ve done an example with Nottingham below. 


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As you can see, it has the address locations and direct contact via a phone number in an emergency it is crucial you can be contacted fast , GMB allows people to contact you quickly and get directions. 


If you have not already set up your Google My Business listing here now – https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/business/


If you need some help setting up your listing and want it to be fully optimised please contact me at Guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk 


Postcode Facebook Ads 


As mentioned before not many people will travel miles to go to a Vet. It is crucial that you pick a target area. Once you have target areas Facebook can be a great advertising tool for you. 


Facebook allows you to target people via the postcodes they live in, set up an Ad targeting people in your specific areas and it will ensure they are all aware of your services. 


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Conversion Rate Optimisation 


It is important that your website encourages people to convert. The act of doing this is known as CRO – conversion rate optimisation. 


This will improve the amount of conversions you get. Go on your website and ensure the basics are correct. 


  • Contact number – present & click to call on mobile 

  • Map listing with your location

  • Contact form to send a message 

  • Email present on website 

  • Call to action on every page – “enquire today” 

Email Marketing 


Email marketing is not just about sales. As a vet you are an expert in animal health, use this knowledge to help your customers.


Send a monthly email with some health and care tips not only is this great customer service but it improves your status as an expert in your field. 


Your name will then also be in the forefront of people’s minds when they think of a local vet. When a vet is required you will be the person they call.


Email marketing is 100% worth the investment for vets. 

These 6 tactics are all proven to help vets grow their business and get more customers. If you would like to discuss your individual marketing needs, please contact me below. 

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