7 Warning Signs of Cheap SEO

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By Guy Hudson

I specialise in offering cheap SEO services to small & local businesses in the United Kingdom. 


Cheap SEO has a terrible reputation and this is something I won’t be able to change by myself. 


At Bespoke Marketing Plans we are selective with our clients and only offer services we are experts at. This allows us to save a lot of time and outgoing costs. This allows us to offer cheap prices to our clients. 


People are cautious when it comes to cheap SEO and cheap digital marketing services in general and rightly so.


There are 1000’s of businesses who will perform spammy (black hat) work on your website that will actually do more long term harm than good. 


Below you will see 7 warning signs to think about before doing work with a cheap SEO company. 




Refuse to give you a plan


If you contact a cheap SEO company and they refuse to give you a plan of the work they will do this is a huge red flag.


To get quality results in SEO you need to plan in advance and have a strategy on how you are going to climb up the search results.


If the company you contact doesn’t give you a breakdown of how they are going to help your website move up the rankings it is a red flag.


It should be noted some digital marketers won’t tell you exactly what they are going to do, due to the fear of you stealing the plan and doing it yourself. This is common, but if someone refuses to give you any breakdown it is a major warning sign. 


Unrealistic promises 


“Rank 1st Position in 90 days” You will often see these promises plastered all over cheap SEO websites. 


No one in the SEO industry would claim this was a guarantee. 


SEO is an investment into your business. 


Like any investment you won’t get positive results each and every month; however the longer you invest for the greater chance of a positive result.


SEO is a marathon. 


Anyone promising fast & cheap unrealistic results is often lying. 




Poor website


Does the company you are talking to have a professional looking website? If the answer is no it is a warning.


If a company can’t be bothered to invest into their own website why would they care about yours. 


They don’t need to have an award winning website to be good at SEO however be careful if a website looks cheap & spammy. 



Not based in your country 


People outside of the UK can be good at SEO. That is true.


If you are a local business however you do need someone that understands your market. 


Communication can also be a nightmare when your SEO is based outside of your country. 


No contact to the person doing the work 


Can you directly contact the person working on your business?


If the answer is no, that is a huge warning sign.


Cheap SEO companies are not the only businesses guilty of this. 


It is common for expensive agencies to either outsource or pass clients to apprentices who have little experience.


Before working with any digital marketing agency, simply ask can I have direct contact to the person doing the work? If the answers no this should be a warning sign.  


No Monthly Report 


It is very rare a company would refuse to offer a report.


However, this does happen. 


I have seen companies want to charge a substantial amount extra just to produce a report. 


If a business doesn’t include a report on the work done and the results it has had it is a massive warning sign.


Don’t give reasons for ranking drop offs


This will happen after you have already signed up. If this does happen it is time to find a new SEO company.


As mentioned before SEO is not a guarantee it is an investment. 


Your rankings won’t go up every month. 


There are factors such as aligtriom changes, competitors improving and losing backlinks that are out of control.


When this happens it can take a couple of months to adjust the site and get you going in the right direction. 


If your SEO company blames you or tries to upsell you an extra service when this happens it is time to leave.


Some Cheap SEO companies often won’t bother to investigate the reasons why your rankings have dropped either trying to blame some external or try to charge you extra to fix the rankings drop off. 


How to be successful with Cheap SEO


I pride myself in being one of the cheapest quality SEO services in the UK. I manage to keep my costs and outgoings down which allows me to offer cheaper prices to my clients. 


If you are looking for some professional UK based cheap SEO services feel free to contact me at Guy@bespokemarketingplans.co.uk or fill in the contact form below and I would love to offer some advice on how SEO could help your business.


I only work with small & local UK based businesses and offer different SEO packages to match all budgets. 


If you were looking to do SEO yourself or cannot yet afford to outsource any of your digital marketing I have put some advice below. 




3 ways to be successful with low cost SEO 


Train yourself 


Don’t fool for anyone offering a £997 course on SEO.


You can train yourself from free resources such as Youtube.


Brian Dean & Neil Patel’s video’s would be a great place to start if you were looking to learn the basics of SEO and apply this to your website. 


If you prefer reading to watching video’s Moz have a great selection of blogs for people who are new to SEO.


Spy on your successful competitors 


This doesn’t mean directly copying your competitors.


However, have a look at what your competitors are doing SEO wise. If all your competitors have a separate page for a service you also offer it may be necessary that you also make a page for that service.


Look at your competitors backlinks too, if someone is linking to your competitor they have an interest in your industry so it may be possible you could also get a backlink from that site. 


Be patient 


I’ve known people set up their own SEO, give it one week then completely change everything as they didn’t see results.


Do not do this.


SEO is a marathon.


Month by month you need to make new content, build new backlinks, update your web pages and keep on top of your technical SEO.


Each month you can make marginal gains and eventually you will rank well for your target search terms.


Start small target niche non-competitive keywords you can realistically rank for. This will help your site get it’s first bit of organic traffic, from there you can start targeting more competitive search terms. 




Cheap SEO offer 


Thanks for reading this article as a reward for getting to the end. I will make you an offer.


I love proving to people that cheap SEO can bring good results.


So just by sending me a message at the bottom of this page, I will happily create a free SEO plan bespoke to your business.  


Cheap SEO Warning Signs

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