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By Guy Hudson

It is important as a small or growing business you have some cheap digital marketing ideas. Yes, spending millions on ad budgets would mean any business would be successful however this isn’t realistic for you. 

It is crucial you learn about some cheap digital marketing channels and how they can help your business grow. 

Below you will find 10 cheap digital marketing ideas that I have used to help clients grow their businesses and get more customers. Each channel offers it’s own pro’s & con’s so it is important you pick the ideas that you believe will best benefit your business. 

  1. Google My Business
  2. Local SEO 
  3. Facebook Remarketing 
  4. Email Marketing 
  5. Blog Content 
  6. Lead Magnets 
  7. Youtube 
  8. Facebook Groups 
  9. White Label 
  10. Referral Programs 

Google My Business 

Google My Business is one of the best free digital marketing tools businesses can use. 

Google My Business can help your business rank at the top of the organic search results as part of the map pack.

This means potential customers local to your business can find your business on Google when searching for services your business offers.

It is crucial as a small business you optimise your Google My Business listing, in fact we have a free Google My Business Optimisation Guide where you can find out how to fully optimise your Google My Business listing for maximum exposure. 

Local SEO 

Local SEO is optimising your website to be found by potential customers searching for queries related to your business. 

Local SEO should be essential for any business that has a low marketing budget. Local SEO is completely free for you to do. 

It is important to do keyword research and find what people are searching for and match that with what services you offer. 

Creating pages for every service and product you offer will give you more chances to rank for more keywords.

Remember to mention the location you offer your services in the title tag, meta & content of your webpages to ensure you have the best possible chance for ranking in your target location.

If you are interested in doing your own SEO feel free to use our beginners guide to SEO to help get you started. 

Facebook Remarketing 

Facebook is one of the cheapest forms of paid advertising you can do, remarketing is the cheapest form of Facebook marketing.

This makes Facebook Remarketing one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing you can do.

If you are not yet ready to start Facebook Remarketing it is crucial that you still add the Facebook Pixel to your website.

Facebook Pixel allows you to remarket to your website visitors. The sooner this is on your website the more audience data you have to remarket to. 

Running a remarketing ad with a lead magnet or irresistible offer is a great way to get people on your website and to convert into customers.

Check out Facebook’s guide on how to set up the pixel on your website.

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is another great cheap digital marketing channel, in fact it can even be free for most businesses.

MailChimp offers a free service to up to 1000 people in your email list. This should be enough to get most small businesses started. 

It is first important to begin building your email list, this should be done via offering a reason for a potential customer to join your email list. The most common offer being 10% off a future order.

Email marketing is a long process; it is unlikely you will succeed straight away or after one or two emails, it is worth thinking of email marketing as a way of building trust between you & your potential customers.

Each email should be used to show off your expertise in your industry & then send the odd email which has an offer which is too good to refuse which will lead to people converting from your email list.

Blog Content

As with Email Marketing, blog content is a fantastic way to promote yourself as an industry leader. If you already have a website, blog content is completely free. 

It is important your blogs answer questions your potential customers ask rather than just showcase things about your business. 

It is worth looking into the search volume around industry keywords and creating blog content that matches what users are searching for.

Blog content also perfectly ties in with your email marketing as they can be used to perfectly promote each other. 

It is worth noting that blog content is not a quick win, it can take months and in most cases years before your blog starts to get a good amount of traffic. 

As with all things in SEO it is important to think long term and blog content is for sure one of the best long term cheap tactics to help market your business.

Lead Magnets 

A lead magnet is a term in marketing that describes giving away something for free in the purpose of gathering contact details from a potential customer.

A common lead magnet would be a free trial of a service, this allows you to prove how helpful your business can be for a potential customer.

Lead magnets also allow you to build up other marketing channels such as your email list. 

Lead magnets can be a cheap digital marketing idea as you often don’t have to pay anything to acquire the lead only your time, once they sign up as a paying customer a lead magnet can become extremely profitable for your business.


If writing isn’t your thing or you are naturally confident Youtube may be one of the best cheap digital marketing ideas your business can do.

The power of video is always growing in digital marketing, in fact platforms such as Youtube are gaining millions of new users each month.

Creating a Youtube channel for your business can allow you to create videos both promoting your business & helping your customers.

If common questions always get asked or something is quite complicated, a simple Youtube video can answer all these questions.

As with Blog Content it is important to see what your potential customers are searching and create videos that answer these search queries.

Facebook Groups 

If you want to build a relationship with people in your industry or people who are interested in your industry, a Facebook Group is the perfect place.

This does require a lot of time management however a Facebook Group can be a fantastic place for you to promote your business & yourself as an industry leader. 

This can even be exclusive to your customers and act as a bonus sales tool.

 “Signing up to our service gives you lifetime access to our exclusive group”. 

Once the group grows one of the biggest bonuses will be people will answer each other’s questions. This means you won’t have to do as much daily management. 

A small group can also be impactful for your digital marketing. It’s a place your current and future customers can interact with you and each other alongside ask any key questions they may have. 

White Label

If you are not a big name in your industry or have not yet built the foundations to bring in your own clients, white labeling for other businesses can be a good cheap digital marketing idea for your business.

White labeling is where you would do the work under their brand name, they would pay you less than they get paid; however their business would bring in the lead.

Approach other businesses in your industry and see if they would be interested in having you white label some work for them. 

This may not be ideal for long term growth; however it is a good and cheap way to bring in some revenue for your business in the short term and often can create long term partnerships with other businesses.

Referral Programs 

Referral Programs are simple. Get your current customers to bring in more customers. 

Offer them a percentage discount or cash business for doing so. 

People who use your service will often know people who can also benefit from your service, it is crucial you ensure they are telling everyone they know about your business. 

The best way to do this would be a referral program. 

A referral program is a cheap digital marketing idea for your business as you are often losing about 10% of what you would for a new customers which most businesses would happily pay for a guaranteed new sign up.

Cheap Digital Marketing Ideas 

These are just some cheap digital marketing ideas that have been proven to work in a range of industries.

This does not mean they will all work for your business, if you are a new business and you are the one doing the work it is important that you pick a digital marketing channel that you enjoy. 

It is worth trying all areas and channels of digital marketing different tactics will work better in different locations, with different demographics and at different times.

If you want some help on deciding what digital marketing channel will work best for you, please send me a email at 

Cheap Digital Marketing Ideas

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